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Geared Up Embellishment Options: Geared Up offers the following embellishment styles: embroidery, screen print, discharge printing, gel printing, Tackle twill, Oversized printing, Side Wrap Printing, Digital Printing, Mixed Embellished style printing on all apparel. Geared Up offers pad printing on it's hard goods.

Geared Up Pilot Program (PP) Our GU Pilot program unifies all expenditures with in a school. This program bridges the Marketing Dept, Leadership Group, Business Dept, Art Dept, Parent Club and Staff into working hand in hand to provide a physical school store that becomes the hub of the schools Programs. Geared Up works with the staff in setting up the physical structure and shows you how to make your School Store a profit center for the entire school. The program provides training for bridging Spirit programs with the school purchases and rewards the students who show school pride. The goal is to create unity in all aspects of the Pilot School. For more details...

Geared Up Self Sufficiency Program (SSP) The SSP holds some of the same benefits that the Pilot Program provides. The biggest difference is it plays far more to the work experience the program provides. While School Spirit and Pride are always important the SSP works more with earnings and cutting costs for sports, activities and Clubs. Its sole purpose is to create Self Sufficiency with in the School by blending orders and piggybacking at each season.


Geared Up TEAMLINE Program (TL): An online ordering system where a group/team design is available on 1000's of product by each individual member and supporters. This program runs for 2 weeks and Geared Up builds the individual orders into a bulk order for print. Items are returned in 2 to 3 weeks individually bagged with each order. This program has fund raising abilities when the print numbers hit specific criteria.

Geared Up Referral Program (RFL): Geared Up uses all of its marketing dollars through our referral program. Any client who refers our services or products to another group with in their school or another school or business earns a % of that customer's first sale.  We are not listed in the phone book or advertise our services in order to provide this program to schools and non profits
Geared Up Store Start Up (SSU): A program for schools that are in the process of building school unity and spirit and want to offer Support Gear for it's students and supporters. Geared Up provides a plan for your store after collecting information regarding the goals for your school store
Geared Up Leaders Program: Geared Up offers 250 business cards to the Leadership officers with every order by the leadership group. We feel these positions do a majority of the contacting outside groups from prom locations, to fund raisers or event coordination. Supplying a School Business Card with their contact information and position is a great way to add their information to mailings and to leave with prospective Business needs. Students and their position are recognized and give credibility to their requests, as well as a sense of Pride for the student. A set is provided with every  $1,000 in sales until all officers have them. To participate in this program the Leadership officers need to provide a list to Geared Up with their information at the beginning of the year and list the highest priority positions.

Geared Up Market Share (MS): A unique fundraiser focused on promotional products small business use daily. We find the best fund raisers are those that provide something people already purchase. With Market Share the group chooses 15 to 20 products they wish to offer local business. The group earns $25 per order. Each order will come custom printed with the company's logo. Businesses use their marketing dollars as they intended and can help support their local schools at the same time.

Geared Up Project Spirit  (PS) A program that allows schools to get "no cost" spirit items by contacting businesses in their community and selling add space on the back of products such as seat cushions, Foam fingers, Poms, Sports Balls, T shirts, Book Covers, Bags, Beads, Caps, Water bottles. The advertisers cover the entire cost of the items and groups can either give to attendees of school events or by selling them at games. Be sure to ask for the Community Support Products and Advertising Cost to choose the products you want to get sponsors for. Once this program is in place, many business will renew year after year.


Geared Up Theme It Up: Can't think of an idea for a Prom Theme, a Home Coming theme? Send Geared Up your ideas and budget with your time frame and Geared Up will help you find the perfect theme and provide you with money savers of how to build portions of your Theme Events. Great plans for building those Greek columns, or a giant movie night popcorn box. We can also sell you the decorations but we think you will find our alternatives to be a huge cost saver and a bonding event for your school. Fill out the Theme Plan Request Form and we will send you back a breakdown of how to build the most Awesome Event with any funding restraints. Also sign up on our facebook page to hear what other are doing and great ideas they discuss as well as our Blog on Event Planning.

Geared Up SCORE Club (TDC): A fund raiser with no out of pocket expense and work similar to a Dance A thon or Walk a Thon. The players secure Gold, Diamond, Silver and Bronze who sponsor a player. The players earn prizes for each sponsor and the sponsors hold levels of sponsorship that provide incentives at each level. At the end of the season the number of Touch Downs, Runs, Points, Goals  are totaled and the sponsorship donation contracts are redeemed. Note* this program can be a great piggy back to the Teamline program bumping you numbers at print.


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